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Reinterpreting and Transforming ‘Red’ Museums in Yugoslavia

Museums & Contested HistoriesV zadnji tematski številki mednarodne znanstvene revije Museum International, vol. 70, issue 3-4; ki je posvečena temi muzejev in oporekanim zgodovinam (Museums and Contested Histories) je izšel članek dr. Kaje Širok z naslovom »Reinterpreting and Transforming »Red« Museums in Yugoslavia«.



This article examines the evolution of the so‐called ‘red museums’ in Yugoslavia (1945‐1991). Focusing on how Yugoslavian post‐war museums were established, organised and operated, the article reveals changes in the way historical discourses were reinterpreted in efforts to promote new national narratives. In recent years, the use of personal narratives in national museums, particularly at the National Museum of Contemporary History, has played a central role in reshaping national narratives of the past.