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Negotiating stigmatized sexual identities: coming out to the family of origin and transparent closet in Slovenia

European Sociological Association (ESA)

Dr. Roman Kuhar je skupaj z dr. Alenko Švab na konferenci European Sociological Association (ESA) z naslovom “(Un)making Europe : capitalism, solidarities, subjectivities”, ki je potekala med 29.08. in 01.09. v Atenah, predstavil prispevek z naslovom “Negotiating stigmatized sexual identities: coming out to the family of origin and transparent closet in Slovenia”.



Coming out to the family of origin, especially to parents, is one of the key events for most gays and lesbians in the process of forming their sexual identity and also in their life course generally. Combining quantitative and qualitative data (survey and focus groups) from two studies on everyday life of gays and lesbians in Slovenia (carried out in 2004/05 and 2014/15), the presentation will focus on the narratives of coming out to parents, how gays and lesbians negotiate their identities in the family of origin after coming out and the two most common social situations that are formed after the coming out, namely the transparent and family closets. We will discuss the consequences of these two situations for lesbians and gays in comparative perspective in order to trace any changes during the ten-year period. In general, both studies have shown that the everyday life of lesbians and gays is still strongly determined by heteronormativity, homophobia and often various forms of violence, with family setting being no exception. The (preliminary) comparative results of both studies suggest that there are no major positive changes in the field of coming out to parents and other family members and that transparent closet seems to be the experience for the majority of lesbians and gays. Nevertheless, some changes are traced in the differences between maternal and paternal reactions to coming out.