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La fille mal gardée : film between artistic freedom and selective memory

Nationalism in Times of Uncertainty

dr. Polona Petek se je udeležila mednarodne konference z naslovom “Nationalism in times of uncertainty”, ki je potekala na Univerzi v Grazu med 4. in 6. julijem 2018. Tam je skupaj s kolegico dr. Petro Roter predstavila prispevek “La fille mal gardée : film between artistic freedom and selective memory”.


O konferenci:

The theme of the ASN-Graz conference, “Nationalism in Times of Uncertainty,” addresses questions of major significance. Few issues raise more concern or generate more controversy today than those associated with the apparent rise of nationalism and democratic fragility – in a world profoundly impacted by the 2008 financial crisis, Brexit, Russia’s increasing interventionism, and the insecurities generated by the Trump White House’s erratic approach to global affairs. In other words, nationalism and uncertainty are defining elements of politics and social life in old and new democracies and non-democracies alike. The organizing team of this conference has put together an exciting multidisciplinary program, which features new research about key aspects of this important theme.


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