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Islam and the new silk road : challenges from Pakistan and beyond

International Conference on New Silk Road and Chinese Overseas in Southeast Asiadr. Anja Zalta se je udeležila mednarodne konference z naslovom New silk road & Chinese overseas in Southeast Asia : investments, new immigrants, transnational connection and cultural identities 2018, kjer je nastopila s prispevkom “Islam and the new silk road : challenges from Pakistan and beyond”.


O konferenci:

It has been five years since China’s President Xi Jinping launched his signature project, the “One Belt One Road” Initiative. China’s strategy is to promote the regional connections and cooperation with the countries along the ancient Silk Road of both overland and maritime routes, through economic collaboration, infrastructure investments, culture-educational exchanges and people-to-people communication. The Silk Road under Xi’s “Belt & Road” initiative, known as the New Silk Road, has been emerging as an international stage for China to portray itself as an important, and responsible, major player in world affairs.. The impact of China’s investments and the transnational flow of massive human resources across the whole region under this Initiative has became clear and is starting to attract high interest worldwide.