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Institucionalizacija moške dominacije in subtilni seksizem akademskega polja


Dr. Milica Antić-Gaber se je udeležila konferenceEengendering difference: sexism, power and politics, ki je potekala v Mariboru 12. in 13. maja 2017 v organizaciji Filozofske fakultete Maribor. Predstavila je svoj prispevek z naslovom “Institucionalizacija moške dominacije in subtilni seksizem akademskega polja”.




O konferenci:

Equality—sought through many movements throughout the 20th century, and still elusive in the 21st—demands the address of what it seeks to eliminate: difference. Although multiple forms of difference complicate the ideal level playing field in human endeavors, gender difference remains a stubbornly salient construct.

Our conference aims to open exploration of the issues of gender and the difference it creates in human lives, inviting research on both its historical and contemporary effects. Whether in the post-socialist climate of central and eastern Europe, in the historical movements of first-and second-wave feminism, or in cultural expressions such as literature, film and art, constructs of gender underlie our social, political and linguistic assumptions. If a gender imbalance persists (and the issue is open for debate), then redressing it requires an interdisciplinary approach.


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