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Case study of the Julian March (Venezia Giuglia)

ICMEMOdr. Kaja Širok se je udeležila mednarodne konference ICMEMO 2018 Israel Conference, Massuah, International Institute for Holocaust Studies, ki je potekala v Izraelu med 13. in 18. oktobrom 2018. Tam je predstavila svojo raziskavo z naslovom “Case study of the Julian March (Venezia Giuglia)”.


O konferenci:

“Memory, Art, and Identity” Special Conference Theme
Taking into account the relevance of remembering the past and what influence memorialization can have on the way a society moves forward from trauma and loss, we wonder:
WHAT is the role of the artistic language on memorialization, democratization, and justice?
How does your institution incorporate art to help shape collective memory of the past? Could you elaborate examples of how your museum /memorial leverage art, art production, and art collections to assist in healing our society from public crimes?
Can art HELP transform tacit knowledge of a public crime (hidden knowledge known only to an individual) to explicit knowledge (knowledge that is articulated and becomes embedded in the fabric of cultural memory)? In particular, how can art and artists revolutionize the way in which personal stories become a part of public histories?


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