Gostujoči predavanji: Dr. Mehmet Nuri Gültekin

Oddelek za sociologijo Filozofske fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani vabi na dve gostujoči predavanji
dr. Mehmeta Nurija Gültekina z Oddelka za sociologijo Univerze v Gaziantepu, Turčija.

Predavanje »Sirska vojna in begunska kriza v Turčiji« bo v torek, 6. 5. ob 18. uri v Modri sobi, predavanje »Družba, razredi in politika v Turčiji« pa v sredo, 7. 5. 2014, ob 14.30 uri.

Predavanji z diskusijo bosta potekali v angleščini.


Syria’s “Arab Spring” has transformed into a serious internal conflict. Historic cities have been emptied, rural life and agricultural production have been halted, and most importantly, the Syrian population from different social segments has been caught in violence between the rebel and the government forces. As a consequence, waves of refugees have come from every level of Syrian society towards Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.
Turkey tries to solve the serious humanitarian problems of these refugees in the cities close to Syria, such as Gaziantep, Kilis, Hatay and Şanlıurfa. In the refugee camps and downtown areas of these cities, the Syrians have adopted different patterns to integrate to their new circumstances on the basis of their social class, economic power, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. The result appears to be as much a signifier of economic interests as of humanitarian issues. A cheap labor force of the Syrian refugees offers a new and fresh source of high profits for Turkey’s growing economy. The lecture will present the refugees’ everyday life in the border cities of Turkey.


This lecture will discuss the recent economic, social and political changes in Turkey, and how they challenged the tradition. The lecturer will present, how does the Turkish democracy work and which are the main political and economic powers in the country. What are the key reasons of conservative government’s winning the elections over the last 12 years? And why outbursted the Gezi Park case and who were its main actors?